Pediatrician Starnberg

Bioresonance therapy


Bioresonance therapy for children and adolescents Bioresonance therapy is a holistic, complementary treatment and does not replace scientifically based conventional medical treatment methods. For which diseases is bioresonance therapy helpful? There is a wide range of diseases where bioresonance can support conventional medicine. Are you interested in finding out [...]



Paediatric diabetology – Diabetes in children and adolescents The management of type 1 diabetes mellitus in children and adolescents is a challenge for the whole family. Children are not small adults! The personal care, professional relationship and attention to age-appropriate development are the main focus of a paediatric diabetology [...]



Paediatric endocrinology – Hormonal imbalances in children and adolescents Children with suspected hormone disorders need a careful examination by a specialist paediatric endocrinologist. We undertake a detailed examination and, where indicated, ultrasound and blood tests. A hand X-ray is sometimes required in children and adolescents with growth or pubertal [...]

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