Bioresonance therapy


Bioresonance therapy for children and adolescents This is a holistic medical technique, complementary to scientifically based conventional medicine, which can be used in addition to your normal treatment. It offers diagnostic as well as therapeutic options. The treatment is completely painless, needle-free and very well tolerated, therefore ideal for [...]



Paediatric diabetology – Diabetes in children and adolescents The management of type 1 diabetes mellitus in children and adolescents is a challenge for the whole family. Children are not small adults! The personal care, professional relationship and attention to age-appropriate development are the main focus of a paediatric diabetology [...]



Paediatric endocrinology – Hormonal imbalances in children and adolescents Children with suspected hormone disorders need a careful examination by a specialist paediatric endocrinologist. We undertake a detailed examination and, where indicated, ultrasound and blood tests. A hand X-ray is sometimes required in children and adolescents with growth or pubertal [...]

Paediatrics & adolescent medicine


Paediatrics and adolescent medicine We see ourselves as a health companion for the family. The emphasis here is on maintaining your child in optimal health through immunisation and routine check-ups according to the health surveillance programme in Bavaria. Of course, when your child is unwell with an acute or [...]

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