Paediatric endocrinology – Hormonal imbalances in children and adolescents

Children with suspected hormone disorders need a careful examination by a specialist paediatric endocrinologist. We undertake a detailed examination and, where indicated, ultrasound and blood tests. A hand X-ray is sometimes required in children and adolescents with growth or pubertal disorders. This allows us to calculate a bone age as well as remaining growth potential through looking at the skeletal development of the hand. Occasionally further diagnostic testing, in the form of chromosome analysis or specific gene testing, is recommended. Dr Johnston is qualified and experienced in genetic test counselling and will discuss the pros and cons of testing with you before you need to make your decision.

Hormone replacement therapy in the paediatric endocrinology in Starnberg

In the case of a hormone deficiency, hormone replacement therapy is usually then recommended. Nowadays, hormones are produced synthetically in modern biotechnology laboratories. Possible side effects will be discussed with you before treatment is prescribed. Thyroid and adrenal hormones can be taken orally. Growth hormone and insulin are only available as injections. Families receive a personal training session to be able to self-manage this therapy at home. Sex steroids (testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone) are available in different formulations and the appropriate one for your child is recommended.

In the case of excess hormone, medical therapy is usually given to suppress this. Occasionally, if this is unsuccessful, alternative therapies, including surgery, need to be considered.

Services in the paediatric practice Starnberg

At the paediatric endocrinology Starnberg, we examine and treat all hormonal disorders, including

  • Growth problems: short stature and tall stature
  • Weight disorders: Overweight and underweight
  • Thyroid disorders: Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, goitre, abnormal newborn screening
  • Pubertal disorders: premature or delayed pubertal development
  • Adrenal disorders: adrenal insufficiency or excess, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, Cushing syndrome
  • Pituitary gland: growth hormone deficiency, diabetes insipidus, hyperprolactinaemia and tumours
  • Syndromes including Turner syndrome, Russell Silver syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Prader Willi syndrome
  • Sexual development disorders: abnormal development of the internal or external genitalia
  • Familial endocrine syndromes (e.g. MEN, VHL)
  • Disorders of calcium and phosphate metabolism


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