“for healthy growth”

Paediatric Practice of Dr. Linda Johnston Rohrbasser, Starnberg.
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Paediatrician Starnberg

Welcome to our private practice for paediatric and adolescent medicine in the heart of Starnberg. We offer expertise in paediatrics and adolescent medicine as well as in child endocrinology and child diabetology. We speak German, English and French.

Kinderarztpraxis Starnberg Dr. Linda Johnston, Kinderarztpraxis


Our motto “for healthy growth” reflects on the one hand how important health and physical well-being are for growing up healthy. On the other hand, it also reflects our additional focus on hormonal disorders that can affect growth and development in children and adolescents.

Thaynna de Oliveira Sales
Thaynna de Oliveira SalesPatientenbetreuung
Zu helfen wenn man gebraucht wird, ist das Wertvollste was ein Mensch nur geben kann.
Dr. Linda Johnston Rohrbasser
Dr. Linda Johnston RohrbasserKinderärztin
Glück soll nicht ein Ziel sein, sondern eine Lebensart. Wenn es beim ersten Mal nicht klappt, versuchen Sie es erneut.
Jürgen Weidner
Jürgen WeidnerDiabetesberater DDG
Ein Mensch ist viel mehr, als die Summe seiner Blutzucker. Und es ist wahr: ein Mensch ist, was er isst.
Dr. Linda Johnston Rohrbasser
Dr. Linda Johnston RohrbasserPaediatrician
Happiness is not a destination but a way of life. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.
Heike Kirchner
Heike KirchnerPatient care
To help when you are needed is the most valuable thing a person can give.
Jürgen Weidner
Jürgen WeidnerSpecialist Diabetes Adviser DDG
A person is more than just the sum of his blood sugars. And it’s true: a person is what he eats.


As a paediatrician in Starnberg, we attach great importance to a friendly and colorful ambience so that the children and adolescents can feel comfortable and relax in our paediatric practice.


We seek to optimise health and wellbeing and to individualise care in order to maximise treatment effectiveness.

for healthy growth

Growth is an important part of child development and is a reflection of the child’s overall health.


The focus of our practice is not only individually tailored to each of our patients, but also to his/her environment and family.

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