Bioresonance therapy for children and adolescents

This is a holistic medical technique, complementary to scientifically based conventional medicine, which can be used in addition to your normal treatment. It offers diagnostic as well as therapeutic options. The treatment is completely painless, needle-free and very well tolerated, therefore ideal for children.

How does bioresonance work?

Every cell of the body emits its own characteristic energy signal which serves as a form of communication within the body. If there is an infection (virus or bacteria) or other disturbance (e.g. allergens, toxins, stress), this signal is often changed and illness can ensue. The aim of bioresonance therapy is to normalise these energy signals, through electromagnetic oscillations, to improve cell function, communication and health.

For which diseases is bioresonance therapy helpful?

Acute or chronic infections such as sinusitis, otitis, bronchitis, pseudocroup, allergies and neurodermatitis usually respond well to bioresonance therapy. Bioresonance can also support healing after an accident or injury. There is a wide range of illnesses which can be managed this way if conventional medicine is not helping. In chronic illness, often many factors come together and cause physical symptoms. Bioresonance can help to identify these factors which are not allowing the body’s own healing powers to work and be used to treat them.

A typical treatment takes about half an hour. For chronic conditions such as allergies, it should be repeated weekly for about 4-7 weeks.

Diagnostics with bioresonance

Bioresonance diagnosis does not replace conventional medical investigations but complements them and allows us to adapt your therapy to your current complaints in order to make treatment as effective as possible.

Interested in whether bioresonance therapy could help your family? Please contact us, we are happy to discuss your questions with you.


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