Paediatrics and adolescent medicine

We see ourselves as a health companion for the family. The emphasis here is on maintaining your child in optimal health through immunisation and routine check-ups according to the health surveillance programme in Bavaria. Of course, when your child is unwell with an acute or a more chronic problem, we are also here to investigation and ensure that the problem is best managed so your child regains health as quickly and fully as possible.

Short waiting times in the private practice for paediatric and adolescent medicine

Our waiting times are short, as we arrange appointments in advance to suit the patient personally. We therefore also ask you to contact us by telephone if you wish to visit us at short notice. We understand that a visit to the practice is sometimes difficult for a sick child so we also offer home visits on request.

Services in the paediatric practice Starnberg

  • Acute and chronic illnesses. To prevent infection in the practice, a suitable treatment room for children with infections is available right at the entrance.
  • Vaccination advice and immunisation
  • Preventive medical examinations from infancy to the end of school, including adolescent health checks (J1, J2)
  • Sonographie Untersuchung

  • Ultrasound examination
  • In-house laboratory diagnostics (e.g. rapid antigen test for influenza, streptococci, Covid19, CRP and urine examination)

  • Laboratory diagnostics with competent laboratory partners

  • Certificates for nursery, kindergarten and school

  • Home visits by appointment


Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:00 – 12:00
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 14:00 – 17:30
Home visits &
other appointments
by arrangement

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
9:00 – 12:00

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
14:00 – 17:00

Home visits & other appointments
by arrangement


Bioresonance therapy

Paediatric endocrinology

Paediatric diabetology

Schedule an appointment

You can make an appointment at any time conveniently online or during office hours by telephone on 08151 959 36 30.