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The Practice

"for healthy growth"

Our motto “for healthy growth” reflects not only our aim to keep children healthy in order that they have a normal growth pattern, but also our specialisation in hormone disturbances which can affect growth and development in childhood and adolescence.

Growth is an important part of childhood development and is a reflection of the general health of the child. Concerns about growth are best discussed with a paediatric endocrinology specialist. Endocrinology is the study of glands and hormones. Most children with abnormal growth do not have hormone problems, however if a lack of hormones is found, then safe replacement treatment is usually available. It is best to seek advice early and not to spend time worrying about your child’s growth. Usually simple investigations are all that are needed to explain the growth problem and make a prediction for the future growth pattern.

Parents often worry about their child’s growth at puberty when differences between peers can be more noticeable. The pubertal growth spurt is an important part of growth. If puberty starts late or early then this will influence the timing of the pubertal growth spurt. Looking into the reasons for a child’s growth pattern and explaining it can be reassuring for parents.


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